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SenSV helps you achieve peak research performance with our cutting-edge sensor platform. Our web-enabled solution monitors laboratory environments for vibration, audible sound, and ultrasonic sound, providing real-time insights into key factors that impact research outcomes and reproducibility. With continuous monitoring, customizable thresholds, and remote access via any web browser, SenSV empowers scientists to identify critical issues, minimize downtime, and achieve higher quality and productivity.

SenSV is an innovative technology platform revolutionizing drug development, process improvement, and informatics in research. With its advanced monitoring capabilities, SenSV reinforces excellence and accountability throughout the research cycle.

How It Works

Our platform monitors vibration in the range of 1-100 Hz and sound from 100-80,000 Hz, covering a comprehensive spectrum for microscopy labs, animal labs, and nano manufacturing facilities. Vibration levels adhere to Vibration Criteria VC-A to VC-D, while sound levels range from 40 dBA to 120 dBA, all measured in precise 1/3 octave bands. Customizable thresholds tailored to each laboratory enable timely alerts when limits are exceeded.

Accelerometers, microphones, and the SenSV box are conveniently placed within the lab, while internet connectivity allows users to access live and daily data from any web browser. Your data is securely stored for 3-12 months, easily accessible via the intuitive dashboard’s reporting functionality.

More About Our Platform

One of our field technicians installs the system in your lab and ensures that internet connectivity to the platform is achieved. The sensors and SenSV box are small and will not interfere with laboratory operations.
For animal laboratories, the NIH has guidelines for vibration levels. For microscopy labs, the equipment manufacturer often supplies vibration criteria that is specific to their equipment functionality. For sound in animal labs, there isn’t much information as to specific thresholds, although there are some studies. This is something that we hope to gather more information on.
SenSV is a web-enabled sensor platform that can effectively monitor laboratory locations for vibration, audible sound, and ultrasonic sound – key environmental factors that potentially affect outcomes and reproducibility in research. These environmental factors are mostly outside of human perception but can have a profound effect on the clarity of imaging equipment, the health and wellbeing of laboratory animals, and defects in nano manufacturing. Monitoring and identification of these extrinsic environmental factors aligns with a recent initiative from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to improve laboratory conditions and reproducibility of experiments.
SenSV provides continuous monitoring of three axes of vibration, audible sound, and ultrasonic sound, which is viewable from any web browser. In contrast to traditional episodic monitoring, SenSV provides a holistic, situational awareness of labs, 24-7. You can see what happens in your lab overnight or early mornings when loading docks are active by simply recalling the data whenever and wherever you wish.

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