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The 3Rs of animal research

The “3Rs alternatives” refers to the replacement, reduction, and refinement of animals used in research, teaching, testing, and exhibition. Drs. William Russell and Rex Burch first described the 3Rs in 1959 in their book, “The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique”. They have since been updated in line with common scientific parlance ...

Of mice and men

In the world of medical testing, the rodent testing stage is critical in the development of new drugs. With the need for speedy drug development at an all-time high, the demand for improving efficiency at this stage has also increased. Reliable laboratory experiments call for the elimination of as many ...

Train-induced vibration and its effect on mice

This article in JAALAS hits the nail on head on why animal holding facilities need to monitor and identify extrinsic environmental factors in labs that are outside of human perception, specifically vibration and sound, both audible and ultrasonic. SenSV is the perfect fit for this type of monitoring and reporting. ...